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Scholarship Application

Please read below and click on the apply link to download the application.

Nor-east’r Bud & Sandra Miles Memorial College
& Apprentice Expenses Scholarship Application 

This scholarship is for existing college students, apprentices, or those entering college or apprenticeship for the first time that reside in a county that touches or is between I-75 & M-55 & Lake Huron. Preference may be given to those with a major or minor in music or art &/or to those that have volunteered at or attended Nor-east’r Music & Art Festival.

Application deadline is March 15th.

Please include the cover page downloaded from the APPLY button below.  Attach no more than two typed sheets answering the following questions: 

  1. Have you ever attended the Nor-east’r Music & Art Festival? When and in what capacity?

  2.  If you are awarded this scholarship, will you provide us with items showcasing your art-work, music, etc. to put in our Scholarship Display near the Artist Courtesy area in the Art Barn/Kauffman Building on the 2nd weekend of June during Nor-east’r Music & Art Festival?   

  3. If you are awarded this scholarship, you will be given a pair of festival tickets and requested to appear on stage the 2nd Saturday of June at approximately 5pm. Will you be able to attend? 

  4. Describe your interests, activities, achievements, and community involvement.

  5. What is your total household income and how many people are in the household?

  6. What is the name and mailing address of the college, university, apprenticeship program, tool company, or supply company that your apprenticing equipment will be from? If you are awarded this scholarship, a check will be written to the listed college/business you will at-tend or get your supplies from. 

Please have your high school, home school, college, or apprenticeship program, as applicable, mail your transcript directly from them to:  AVNAF PO Box 516  Mio, MI 48647 

Mail your application to:
AuSable Valley Nor-east’r Association of Folk

PO Box 516 
Mio, Michigan 48647


Questions may be directed by mail or email at

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