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  • Be responsible and respectful to others.

  • Entry or re-entry to the grounds is only Friday from 9am to 11pm, Saturday 9am to 11pm, Sunday 9am to 3pm. Full admission will be charged for the day regardless of time of entry.

  • Everyone under 17 should be taken to Family/Youth Check-in upon arrival. You will be given a wristband for each youth with parent or supervision provider’s name and contact info on it. You will be asked to complete a Family/Youth information form that is only used in case of an emergency.

  • PLEASE NO PETS ON THE GROUNDS (this includes dogs). Sorry, we really do love animals, but it is simply a big liability issue. There is an exception for the K9 Search & Rescue dogs – they are specially trained and not considered pets. We follow ADA service animal law.

  • NO OPEN FIRES – it is forest fire season in Northern Michigan. There will be a monitored fire ring at the Drum Kiva nightly. Only the AVNAF official Keeper of the Flame shall tend the fire at the evening bonfires.

  • No amplified music (DO bring your acoustic instruments!).

  • Please pick up all your trash and place in appropriate trash or recycle bins. Any unattended beverage in any public area will be disposed of.

  • No cruising around with vehicles on the grounds. Roadways must remain open.

  • Bicycles are no longer permitted. Only security will be allowed to bicycle on the festival grounds. Thank you for your cooperation with this safety measure.

  • If you bring alcohol, it must be in an unmarked container, and you must have valid ID. Can cozies are available at the Retail Tent.

  • Despite marijuana legalization, it cannot be consumed anywhere you want. Marijuana consumption on public property or public places is banned and considered a civil infraction. Please respect the laws or you may be asked to leave the property.

  • Drumming is only permitted in the drum kiva or a drum-maker’s booth. No drumming between 4am - 9am.

  • The performer’s camp has no limit on acoustic music. In the event of substantial rain, one of the buildings will be opened for unlimited music. All other areas will have general quiet hours from 2am - 8am.

  • Quiet Zones are marked on the Map (located in the midsection of the book). There is to be quiet within these zones 9pm - 8am.

  • Wristbands will be checked by Nor-East’r staff and security. They must be worn on the wrist at all times while attending the festival. Only exception is infants & toddlers may wear their wristband on their ankle, if necessary.

  • Everyone except designated supervisors of the grounds must remove all belongings and leave the fairgrounds (Nor-east’r event) by 7 pm Sunday.



  • Those with Day Only Tickets must park in Day Parking to the North of the gate and must exit by 12:30am. Weekend Ticket holders that are camping will be given one parking permit per campsite. This parking permit must be displayed in vehicle windshield at all times.

  • Artists with booths in the Art Building may temporarily park close to the barn while loading and unloading but otherwise must park in Day Parking.



  • Gates open Friday at 9:00AM.

  • One vehicle per campsite. All others in parking lot area.

  • Electric camping permits are on a first come first serve basis for a flat rate fee of $35 for the weekend. They can be obtained at the gate via Camp Management. The permit with your camper license plate # must be displayed at the outlet you hook in to.

  • DO NOT USE METAL TENT STAKES! There are unmarked underground electric lines throughout the fairgrounds.

  • NO OPEN FIRES – it is forest fire season in Northern Michigan.

  • Generators may run from 8am – 10am only.

  • Camper/trailers must be parked with tongues or front ends facing the road and must be at least 4 feet apart.

  • Public restrooms with shower facilities are available.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO PETS!!! Please don’t bring your pets, even if you plan to leave them in your RV. We CANNOT allow them at the festival for liability purposes. We can recommend Antler Creek Kennels for boarding. As another option, Oscoda County Park is a campground not far from the fairgrounds that allows pets.





Oscoda County Emergency Response Team(CERT) assists with daytime festival security. These wonderful volunteers are nearly all CERT members and are HAM radio technicians as well. They assist emergency service professionals in exercises and in times of disaster under the auspices of Oscoda County Emergency Management. Be sure to thank them and say hello to the search and rescue horses. 

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