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2023 Performers


"With a voice that’s compared to greats like Rhiannon Giddens and Bonnie Raitt, and intricate guitar arrangements that harken to the likes of Americana heroes such as Buddy Miller and David Rawlings, Burns moves with ease between unexpected and delightful re-workings of popular songs, to emotion-packed originals that can just as easily build into a delightful fervor, as they can bring a tear to your eye. Her witty banter and personable presence bring you in, and make you feel right at home."

Fay Burns



"Through a chance encounter in Nashville back in 2006, Benjamin and Kassie Wilson were sure of each other from the start. “Kassie knew she was going to marry me from the first time she saw me…and she was right,” Ben gloats. Formerly known as 'My One and Only', the duo has reimagined their “southern-soul,” “curious-grit” and emotionally honest lyrics into Goldpine. After nearly a decade of honing in on their sound, they’re ready to give the world their self-produced debut LP, One.


With this fresh start, Goldpine wastes no time showing what they stand for. Their lead single, “Wander Away,” is somewhat of a public service announcement about mental health. “We explored the ideas of separating yourself from worries and giving yourself a break,” Ben shares. “I think it’s so important that when we are in a place where we feel like we are in need, maybe that is the exact time to reach out to others who are also in need.” The track begins with a soft picking guitar, alongside Ben & Kassie’s unmistakable harmonies — sonically putting you at ease — leading up to a fuller sound that showcases Kassie’s powerhouse of a voice."


An amalgamation of roots, blues and world music, award winning Australian singer/ songwriter "Peter D. Harper" creates a heady mix of roots music through his creative use of the harmonica, and the haunting drone of the didgeridoo. By combining traditional and modern influences, borrowing from Western and World music, Harper has created a highly original take on the roots genre. Harper has received an amazing 14 x Music Awards in four different countries and has performed on over 2000 Films, commercials and TV series. Considered to be a virtuoso harmonica player, Harper’s innovative use of electronic enhancement and feedback, breaks the traditional boundaries of the harmonica, giving his music its distinctive harmonics and effects. The powerful guitar sounds and the unique drone of the didgeridoo create rawyet eerie sonic textures, some how sounding primal and contemporary at the same time. Harper is backed by his very talented American Midwest based band: "Midwest Kind"

Harper & Midwest Kind

"An americana band, a folk band, a rock band, a country band."

"Mid-Michigan natives and lifelong traveling musicians, musical group Hatchwing Rider play heavy-hearted folk-rock paired with a restless psychedelic Americana. They cut their teeth in bars, cafes, and stages across middle America, developing a musical chemistry informed by the likes of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen, and The Byrds. The lead singer and chief songwriter Christopher Zehnder, spent four years in Nashville honing his craft and released two full-length records during this time. These albums attracted glowing reviews from No Depression, Bluegrass Situation, B3 Science, and The Nashville Scene. Hatchwing Rider’s versatility is their hallmark, bobbing and weaving seamlessly through many different genres."

Hatchwing Rider


After more than 15 years of world-wide touring and three album releases, Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson--otherwise known as the folk duo Hungrytown--have earned a reputation for the quality and authenticity of their songwriting: “It’s great to hear an act eschew sentimentality in favor of honesty and to prove that you don’t have to go raiding the memory of others to find the stuff that really good songs are made of,” writes Jedd Beaudoin of Popmatters. Lyricist Rebecca Hall is credited with compositions “that sound as timeless as any traditional songs” (Northern Sky, UK) while producer/multi-instrumentalist/husband Ken Anderson is lauded for his “remarkable affinity for instrumental embellishment” (No Depression) and for crafting Hungrytown’s “gorgeous vocal harmonies” (Folk and Roots, UK). Hall and Anderson met in New York City, where they had already been performing regularly--Hall as a jazz singer, and Anderson as a drummer for a variety of garage bands. In the winter of 2003, the duo quit their boring desk jobs, moved to the green hills of Vermont, and decided to pursue a full-time career as touring musicians. They released their first CD, Hungrytown, in 2008; Any Forgotten Thing in 2011; and Further West in 2015. The couple continue to spend more than half of each year on the road, especially roads in North America, Europe and New Zealand. Hungrytown's music has received extensive radio airplay worldwide and has appeared on several television shows, including The Daily Show and Portlandia.


"Jennifer Naegele’s music weaves soul-searching musings with free-spirited whimsy. She spent the last 22 years songwriting and performing between two bay areas: The San Francisco Bay Area and Great Lakes Bay Region, the latter her hometown and current place of residence. In addition to playing regional music venues, she is frequently a musician for community and non-profit events. In June 2017 she released “Chickadee with a Little Jet Lag”, recorded at Reed Recording Company in Bay City, MI."

Jennifer Naegele


"Lansing, MI based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jen Sygit has released four solo albums with her latest record “It’s About Time” newly released in Oct. 2018. Sometimes traditional, sometimes contemporary, always with a raw honesty “It’s About Time” is a sonic journey through the landscape of Americana music. Produced by Sygit’s long time friend and collaborator Dominic John Davis (bassist to Jack White, Buddy Miller, Joshua Davis) and featuring guest appearances from Luther Dickinson, Colin Linden and The McCrary Sisters, “It’s About Time” reveals a depth and maturity to Sygit’s ability as both songwriter and performer."

In addition to her solo career, Jen is also a member of the all-female string band Stella!, roots rock band Lincoln County Process and is a veteran back up singer/session vocalist having appeared on over 50 albums. Now, besides regionally touring and playing shows, Jen also hosts the weekly radio show “Eclecticana” (WLNZ 89.7fm Lansing, MI) and has been commanding the airwaves for 7 years.

Jen Sygit


"Jill Jack’s career has spanned decades and taken her around the globe, performing solo and with her band at sold-out shows, and opening for world-renowned acts.


Jack grew up in Huntington Woods and has lived in Ferndale for the last 24 years. Her work includes self-written songs in a style she broadly calls Americana, encompassing elements of folk, rock, country, pop and blues. She plays acoustic and electric guitar, and describes her stage presence as friendly, with a focus on storytelling and a dash of humor.

“By the end of the show, we will all be great friends,” Jack said in an email. “As a musician, I feel we can heal with music. Listening to music is an emotional experience. I want to bring all of those emotions to the surface, while allowing the audience to be relieved of anxiety from their life.

“It is not the easiest of career choices, and maintaining it for 25 years is a labor of love. Perseverance and authenticity is my motto. Be yourself, no matter what,” Jack said. “The minute you try to be like someone else, you have lost your authenticity and you feel it, your audience feels it. Work from your heart. Not everyone will like you, but they will respect your hard work and tenacity.”

Jill Jack Band


"Let's drum and move! I love performing at festivals for my community partners. Whether it's a fundraiser or a community enrichment event, I'll use music and movement to help you bring the smiles! Enjoy some Samba with Gilda’s Laughfest participants - no previous dance experience required."

Josh Dunigan

"Ann Arbor based songwriter and Michigan Emmy recipient Kitty Donohoe is not an Irish or Celtic singer, but she clearly draws from that part of her heritage, as well as her American roots, as an artist. Iconic WFMT-Chicago folk dj Rich Warren calls Kitty “far above and beyond most singersongwriters.” She writes music that has been called “earthy, luminous and compelling” (The Weekender) and she’s been praised in the press equally for her voice, her musicality, and her songwriting. Sing Out!, one of the oldest and most respected folk music magazines in the industry, says that Kitty is “ one of the rare singer-songwriters to sensuously weave words and melody" into a strong and mezmerizing fabric."

Kitty Donohoe


"When it comes to the robust reception for his latest studio album, West Michigan’s Kyle Rasche gives much of the credit to engineer and producer Josh Kaufman at Grand Rapids’ Local Legend Recording.

“I’m a songwriter, not a record producer,” said Rasche, who recently released “The Catch Album” under the indie-folk Chain of Lakes moniker that he’s maintained since 2010.

“Josh is a brilliant producer that just opened a world-class studio right here in Grand Rapids. We both wanted a chance to prove ourselves in our respective lanes, so I gave him a pile of my songs to choose from and he chopped the list down to a cohesive track list and took the lead producing the album.”


- John Sinkevics"

Chain of Lakes

with Kyle Rasche


"Loren Kranz makes music with deeply soulful vibes, raw and spontaneous like your favorite Motown record. From the first notes, you might think you were listening to a long-lost tape of Van Morrison sitting in with the Band. As a drummer & keyboardist, all of his songs have powerful grooves baked in, with a strong emotional center, drawing on his own experiences as a journeyman musician to tell slice-of-life stories."

Loren Kranz


Mark Jewett

"Mark Jewett is a performing songwriter with listeners in at nearly 60 countries. His peers and fans have noted similarities in his writing and delivery styles to a variety of artists that include Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Nick Lowe, and John Hiatt. With his 2021 album release, “The Lucky One”, Mark has blended these influences and others into a well rounded and sharply produced collection of songs built on a foundation of honesty, gratitude, wonder, creativity and a sense of humor.


Equally at home as an acoustic solo or duo performer as he is with electric guitar in hand and a full band, he enjoys sliding a surprise or two into a show whenever he can, something the audience does not expect. As a writer, he finds the lighter side of life easy to put to music, but writing about love, loss, and the road between them is harder to get right."

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