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2024 Performers


A true troubadour with a mane of silver hair and black-rimmed glasses, has spent a lifetime chasing songs through the backroads and byways of America. With a collection of songs that traverse the landscapes of heartache, resilience, and hope, Robertson mines the nuances of human existence through the lens of an observant and empathetic narrator.

Michael Robertson


Mike Mangione

& Band

A lot has changed since Americana artist Mike Mangione left his hometown of Chicago for L.A in pursuit of a music career.  At the time, the most common musical advice one would hear was to get out and play often.  So, after a year and a half of gigging around L.A, Mangione purchased a van and began a life on the road, sleeping at rest stops and averaging over 150+ shows a year.  It was at this time, playing as an unknown soloist, that Mangione discovered three key elements of his music: Sonic subtlety, use of silence as an instrument, and patience.  Fast forward 18 years, two bands, 7 releases and hundreds of thousands of miles later and these three components continue to make up the foundational pillars of Mangione’s music today.  Subtlety, silence, and patience combined with maturation and time has given birth to a woven lush complexity.  But it is not only the beautiful ethereal soundscapes that make Mangione’s music so special.  It is how he desires to use it.            

“Songs utilize a broader palette through the power of imagery, poetry and mystery,” Mangione argues, “to create a complete picture that is accessible to each individual from where they are at in their lives.”  Each song is a form of communion between artist and audience.  Mangione writes every song with that target in mind, as each song is a “dwelling place you can enter.  My desire is to dwell with the listener and ponder things together.” 

Patty PerShayla is a former small-town beauty queen turned rock ’n’ roll powerhouse.Stomping on corner stages across her home state of Michigan, she established herself as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Patty also joined multi-instrumentalists The Accidentals as their fourth set of hands during their 2021 Vessel national tour with Sawyer Fredericks (winner of The Voice, season eight), donning the bass, electric guitar, ukulele, and mandolin.


Patty PerShayla

w/The Accidentals

The Accidentals are an American band, formed in Traverse City, Michigan in 2012 by singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Sav Buist and Katie Larson. The group has featured an eclectic blend of indie folkpopbluegrassrockclassical, and other genres. They have released six full-length albums, three EPs, and two live albums.

Buist and Larson grew up in musical families, released their first two albums while in high school, hired percussionist Michael Dause in 2014, and began touring nationally. Dause departed in March 2023 and was replaced by Katelynn Corll. The band signed with a major label by the time the members were around age 21, but they later returned to releasing their recordings independently. Now based in Nashville, Tennessee, they also lead music workshops at schools across the US.

The Accidentals.webp

Peter Mulvey has been a songwriter, road-dog, raconteur, and almost-poet since before he can remember. In 1989 he spent a year in Ireland, busking on the streets of Dublin and hitchhiking to whatever gigs he could find. Back stateside, he spent a couple years gigging through the bars of his native Midwest before taking off for Boston, where he returned to subway busking and coffee houses. Small shows led to larger shows, which eventually led to regional and national touring. The wheels have not stopped since. Twenty albums, one illustrated book, thousands of live performances, a TEDx talk, a decades-long association with the National Youth Science Camp, opening tours and gigs for luminariessuch as Ani DiFranco, Greg Brown, Emmylou Harris and Chuck Prophet, appearances on NPR,an annual autumn tour by bicycle, emceeing festivals, hosting his own Lamplighter Sessions foryears in Boston and in Wisconsin... he has built his life's work on collaboration, on an instinctfor the eclectic and the vital

Peter Mulvey

Peter Mulvey.JPG
Rachael Davis.jpeg

Rachael Davis

Multi-instrumentalist Rachael Davis is as renowned for her expressive–and explosive–voice as she is for uniting the often-desperate worlds of folk, blues, country, and pop. Because Davis has been swayed by so many different types of music, her style is difficult to file and will not languorously rest amid broader musical genres. “My slant on acoustic music can be explained by a mixed cassette tape that my father played during my early childhood while driving in our family’s Chevy Cavalier station wagon, we nicknamed Iggy. On one side of the cassette was the soundtrack for the film The Big Chill. On the other was John Hartford’s “Areoplane”.” Today Davis describes her music as ‘Motown-Banjo’. Recently she has collaborated in the critically acclaimed supergroup: The Sweetwater Warblers. Comprised of Rachael Davis, Lindsay Lou, and May Erlewine, all three premiere Michigan-grown songbirds. Rachael Davis now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, critically acclaimed bassist Dominic John Davis with whom she performs as The Davis Duo. They have two children

Ryan Curtis2.jpg

Over the last decade, Ryan Curtis has continued to carve out a name for himself in the world of Alt-Country and Americana music.  His unique blend of old-school honky tonk and high desert country blues plays like a love letter to the past, bucking the slick sheen and tired cliches of today’s pop country radio in favor of traditional, songwriter-driven roots music. Ryan’s songs are usually about life’s harder-learned lessons, painting cinematic pictures of anti-heroes from the Midwest to the Rockies.  Visionary tales of down-and-out townies, bar room drifters, forlorn lovers, and resilient loners dot the mournful subject matter he turns into country gold. 

Ryan Curtis


Sarah Schingeck is a singer-songwriter based out of Bay City, Michigan, her music is positive, thoughtful, and filled with hope. Sarah released her EP Be Still in 2018 and The Album of Hope in 2022. Sarah is often accompanied by her husband Danny, also known as Danjoe on the Banjo, and at times, sings with her daughter Freda. Sarah holds a foundational degree in Music Education and has built a steady teaching career that spans 20+ years.  She is currently educating and inspiring elementary children as a Music and Mindfulness teacher.  Sarah strives to bring hope to those who listen to her music and aims to simply be a hope dealer.

Sarah Schingeck

Shari and Dave throw a four handed acoustic party – street swing, stomp blues, mountain twang – music from the holler and swamp.  Blues and gospel shouting, stellar fingerpicking, deep slide, banjo, dobro, mandolin, and Appalachian harmony singing.  Gary Davis meets Dock Boggs and Muddy Waters and they share a jug.

Shari and Dave shows are steeped in folk and blues roots, blended with Appalachian grind – serving up an intoxicating acoustic brew.  Dave’s smoky vocals, percussive rhythm and innovative lead, and Shari’s crisp picking style, rootsy leads, and stinging slidework are a testament to sounds once heard on the streets of Harlem,  juke joints of Mississippi,  the Carolina hills or the jug bands of Memphis.


Shari Kane &

Dave Steele


Stella! is an all-female, American roots trio from southeast Michigan featuring three-part vocal harmonies and original songwriting.  The band was founded by Dearborn based singer-songwriter Jo Serrapere in 2009 to showcase country-roots songwriting, vocals, and string instrumentation. The current line-up includes Jo Serrapere on guitar and percussion, Jen Sygit on acoustic and electric guitars and banjo, and Julianna Wilson on upright bass and ukulele.  Stella has released two albums Sorry, Stella (2011) and Stella Tells the Truth (2022).


The Gasoline Gypsies2.jpg

The Gasoline Gypsies

Four-part vocal harmonies, dual lead guitars, and a tasty rhythm section built on drums, bass, and keys make the up music of The Gasoline Gypsies. But, the magic in their music is born of a driving work ethic that has earned them the reputation of being one of the tightest bands on the Mitten Music scene.

The Gasoline Gypsies draw influence from the roots of rock, folk, bluegrass, and country to create their own style of Americana Rock, crafted and arranged to serve the song. Unplugged, they can mesmerize small listening rooms, or they can plug in and rock large venues.

The eight-time Detroit Music Award winners, The Gasoline Gypsies are enthusiastically followed by their fervent fan tribe, The Vagabundos. Find them at a show, and you’ll likely experience an alchemy that draws together the music, the people, and the family that is The Gasoline Gypsies experience.

The Lucky Nows.jpg

The Lucky Nows

Fronted by renowned singer-songwriter Jen Cass and featuring the stunning work of multi-instrumentalists Eric Janetsky and Michael Robertson, and harmonica wizard Rosco Selley, The Lucky Nows have spent the last decade showcasing their award-winning songwriting, exceptional musicianship, and intricate harmonies on Michigan’s most famous stages from The Ark, to Wheatland, to Nor-East’r Fest, and everywhere in between. The Lucky Nows play dynamic, high-energy Americana, drawing effortlessly from every genre to create a sound that's all their own. Always a crowd-favorite, The Lucky Nows are excited to be back at Nor-East'r to officially release their brand-new album "Broken Homes and Hearts of Gold!"

The Rough & Tumble aren’t casual road dogs, but they aren’t letting on, either.  From their upbeat, commanding stage presence and sharp banter to their earworm-inducing melodies and heartstring lyrics, this thriftstore Folk-Americana duo refuses to bring the haggard road-worn stereotype to their audience-- even though they’ve earned it.  In fact, The Rough & Tumble have been elbowing out of most stereotypes. The Rough & Tumble, a dynamic duo comprised of Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler, have been captivating audiences with their unique blend of dumpster-folk and thrift store-Americana for over a decade. The Pennsylvania-born Graham and Central California's Tyler have a knack for weaving together elements of joy, sorrow, comedy, and drama in their music, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.

The Rough & Tumble

The Rough & Tumble.jpg
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